Ecential is a natural health product that contains only refined and certified Emu Oil; refined according to TGA certification and standards. It is a completely safe, 100% natural pain reliever and moisturizer.
Ecential Emu Oil contains NO steroids or hormones and is known for its normalizing abilities – it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is under performing.
100% natural

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Emu Oil has been used for centuries in the treatment of burns, wounds and bruises. It reduces inflammation and redness of the skin and is a good treatment for dry skin. The traditional diets and the application of oils by ancient and modern civilizations are an acceptable reference source. The recorded observations of traditional use by indigenous Australians faded as new western medicines were developed in the nineteenth century.
The use of emu oil has increased dramatically over the last ten years - initially obtained from the fat of wild birds but now exclusively from farm bred stock.
The following conditions have shown favorable response to Emu Oil:
  • Acne, Age Spots, Arthritis, Athletes foot
  • Bed sores, Bruises, Burns
  • Calluses, Chapped lips, Complexion Problems, Cracked Skin, Cold Sores, Cuts & Lacerations
  • Diaper Rash, Dandruff, Diabetic bruising, Ulcers, Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Gout, Gum Disease
  • Hair loss, Hemorrhoids
  • Insect bites, irritated skin, itching
  • Massage, Medication Carrier, Moisturizer, Muscle Pain and Spasms
  • Pain relief, Pet injuries, Psoriasis
  • Radiation burns, rheumatism
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Emu oil and human skin are almost identical in fatty acid levels (see chart below).
This similarity with emu oil allows our bodies to absorb the oil very quickly with minimal chance for allergic reactions
Comparing Composition (%) of Fatty Acids in Human Skin and Emu Oil

    Fatty Acid

  • Myristic Acid (Common Saturated Fatty Acid)

  • Palmitic (Fatty Acid Synthesis) 16:0

  • Stearic (Saturated Fatty Acid) 18:0

  • Palmitoleic (OMEGA 7) Monounsaturated Fatty Acid

  • Oleic (OMEGA 9) Monounsaturated fatty Acid 18:1

  • Linoleic (OMEGA 6) Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

  • Linolenic (OMEGA 3) Organic Compound - Polyunsaturated
    Emu Oil

  • 0.4

  • 22.0

  • 9.6

  • 3.5

  • 47.4

  • 15.2

  • 0.9

    Human skin

  • 2.1

  • 20.2

  • 11.2

  • 3.8

  • 30.8

  • 15.1

  • 0.3

A biologically active component of emu oil is useful in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of inflammation of environmental and systemic origins. Pharmaceutical compositions including emu oil and dermal transport enhancing compounds are useful topical anti -inflammatory treatments. Emu oil tends to separate into two distinct phases, a liquid olein fraction and a semi-solid phase or stearin fraction. The formation of stearin is due to the presence of saturates (mostly palmitic acid) in the oil, which, as they agglomerate into crystals, produce this solid phase. The crystallized emu oil has a pearly white appearance and it still contains all the essential omega fatty acids. Emu oil has no known side effects or allergic reactions.
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Ecential Emu-Oil
50ml (Also available in 10ml Roll-on bottle – “handbag size”)


Characteristics of Emu Oil:
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Will not clog pores
  • Enhances growth of skin
  • Stimulates hair follicles to proliferate and grow
  • Has a natural SPF that enhances sunscreens
  • Is non-greasy, leaves no residue on the skin
Ecential Emu Oil Capsules
90 Gel Capsules


Favorable responses to Ecential Emu Oil Capsules:
  • Assist in raising blood iron content
  • Relief of arthritis pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Profound effect on immune system
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Helps to normalize basic cellular functions
  • Lowers the levels of uric acid, which causes gout
  • Positive results achieved with Crohn’s disease,
    Irritable bowel syndrowm, Firbo Myologia and Ulcerative Colitis
Take 2-5 capsules daily as required.

Please note: If you are on any prescriptions for blood thinning
medications consult your doctor before using this product
Ecential Moisturizing Crème


Deep penetrating Moisturizing body crème for extreme dry skin conditions
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